new heavens water spout Stitched_001.jpg (261079 bytes) First picture when starting painting at 17:A symbolic fantasy -took ages in plastic paints at school just so you can see how much I improved over the years -Inspired by Roger Dean...
First waterfall Stitched_001 PSE.jpg (420776 bytes) 3rd painting done at home: borrowed Dad's unused acrylics, which I then acquired permanently whist Dad stuck with watercolours
Sunset flock PSE merge copy.jpg (229141 bytes) More realistic 'watercolour like' picture from my undergraduate days 1977-1981, loosely copied from a magazine cover
Eagle_picture croped vlow res.jpg (322810 bytes) One of only two examples of paintings done as a Ph.D. student 1981-1985
L W W print scan 2 adj crop.jpg (271690 bytes) The second example, currently topical again with 'The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe' film